Video: World's largest Game Boy enters Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition
What's it like to play a supersized Game Boy? Check out #GWRgamers 2018 star Ilhan Ünal's incredible creation 🎮
Many gamer’s dreams may have just come true thanks to Ilhan Ünal - a tech student who has entered the Guinness ...
Comments Ryan Beach Vincent Neal Tracy BeachEduardo Oliveira Guinness World Records
Bini The Slam Dunking Bunny
This cute talented rabbit has slam-dunked his way into the new #GWRAnimals book. Could Bini the Bunny be NBA's next MVP? Read more > 🐰 🏀 Comments Guinness World Records Challenge Bini the Bunny in GAMEE's Basketball Bunny and let us know your high score!
😀 🐇🏀🎮
Danny Orsello No - he's clearly too short for the NBA.David Lopez This is like the most amazing record this year for sure!!! 😍🐰
Guinness World Records
Power Couple: Taekwondo Record Breakers
LIVE: Taekwondo martial arts pros Chris and Lisa Pitman (UK) love to smash records - and roof tiles. They're in training for their next attempt. We welcome your questions! 💪

Update: Thanks to Master Lisa Pitman Virtuetaekwon-do & Chris Pitman ...
Comments Ben Bird Fastest time to break 1000 TVsAlida Young Truly a great inspiration to our kids ... girls particularly aspire to Lisa who is very grounded & real.Brian Bird Best coaches in the world, very supportive of all students. Guinness World Records
Gamer’s Edition 2018
The ultimate guide to gaming records! Meet the stars of the new #GWRgamers edition, out now 🎮
Get your gaming fix with the latest edition of the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition
Comments Ben Cameron Leave it to these guys to actually PROMOTE copyright infringement.. tis a sad day indeed..Young Park Yogi in the Box Guinness World Records
Largest Game Boy - Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2018
Game on! This inventor and gamer built a supersized version of a classic Nintendo Game Boy, earning a place in the new #GWRgamers 2018 book > 🎮 Comments Guinness World Records "The Game Boy was a huge part of many people's childhoods, including my own. I was obsessed with my Game ...Sadam Hussen My frist game and still have😁Ej Viado Salazar My 19 year old gameboy! Guinness World Records
Record Holder Profile Video: Vijay Kumar - the man with the most teeth
Open wide! On this day in 2014, Vijay Kumar (India) was confirmed as our record holder for the most teeth in the mouth
Vijay Kumar from India has 37 teeth in his mouth – 5 more than the average person ...
Comments Guinness World Records Toothbrushes ready? Coincidentally, also on this day back in 2005, Zhonghua toothpaste unveiled the largest tube of toothpaste in Shanghai ...MD Tanvir Alam Tamal Is it just me or anyone else also noticed as well
When there’re some medical deformities why is it always ...
Chris White Jamie Bond considering that you've had a whole set of permanent teeth pulled, and ANOTHER set on top of yours ...
Guinness World Records
Most Costume Change Illusions - Avery & Sylvia
How do they do it? Malaysian magicians Avery and Sylvia have reclaimed their record for the most costume change illusions in one minute with this stunning performance > Comments Guinness World Records This incredible record title has changed hands several times in recent years. The strict rules for this costume change record ...Andres Karoshe If I know that magic I will open a clothing shop full of changing booths. Customers just come in booth ...Arvin Mundo the guy was gasping for air while the woman was still all smiles 🙂 Guinness World Records
British endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont completes record-breaking circumnavigation
Triumph! Around the world in 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes. Congratulations to cyclist Mark Beaumont​ (UK) whose epic circumnavigation concluded yesterday in Paris 🚴‍♂️🌍
British ultra-endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont completed his epic round-the-world journey yesterday, and was greeted ...
Comments Guinness World Records You can find out more about Mark's epic circumnavigation and view his route here 🚴‍♂️ Paladthuam I've watched & following Mark for years for his world cycling!Tinei Mapfumo Takuman Why didn't we see him here in Southern Africa? Guinness World Records
Oktoberfest: 10 Bavarian records to raise your beer stein to
Oktoberfest is in full swing right now in Germany. From the most beer steins lifted to the largest pretzel, check out our Bavarian records round-up. Prost!
With the Oktoberfest beer festival starting in Munich, Germany on Saturday, here are 10 ...
Comments Kelechi Ezeigwe Earn free money and bitcoin .... This site pays
Tommy Lannom Joe Caliandro Break the record for most Bier consumed!Aman Deep Ivan Eriksen
Guinness World Records
World’s oldest person Violet Moss-Brown from Jamaica dies age 117
Born in 1900 and known to her friends and family as Aunt V, farewell to our oldest person living record holder, the remarkable Violet Moss-Brown from Jamaica
Guinness World Records is saddened to announce that Ms Violet Moss-Brown of Duanvale, ...
Comments Joseph Munyonga REST IN PEACEBucci Anthonio Montana Rest well maLee M. Rivers Rest In Peace, Dear Heart. 🙁 Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records added a cover video. Guinness World Records
Most Hugs Given In One Minute
Because everyone needs a hug to get through Monday > Comments Guinness World Records Krishna Kumar managed 79 hugs in one minute - could you and your friends break the record? In this case, ...Shaminder Singh Bhanoki I made replica of wimbledon centre court used 12000 toothpics and spent 1600 hours on it.and im the first non ...Zen Lights Guinness World Records what was ur basis to become a qualified guiness world breaker ? can u pls explain how ... Guinness World Records
German travel agency Schauinsland-Reisen builds world’s tallest sandcastle
It took around 3,500 tonnes of sand to build this spectacular 16.68 m (54 ft 9 in) sandcastle 🏖
German tour operator and travel agency Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH has broken the record for the world’s tallest sandcastle, after building a spectacular ...
Comments Peter Lewis Were there any cost overruns?Dagmar Schrilla Ron Thomas Germans, of course !Njihia Ole Kihuga What for ???? Guinness World Records
Arcturus And Cygnus: Tallest Cat And Longest Tail On A Cat
Meet world's tallest cat Arcturus and the longest tail record holder Cygnus - two #GWR2018 book stars in one home! 😸🐈 Comments Guinness World Records You can follow the adventures of Cygnus and Arcturus on Instagram > World Records Lauren and Will Powers are very proud to own not one but TWO record-breaking cats at their home in Ferndale, ...Blosom From Blosom, the Tallest Cow in the World to the Tallest Cat in the World... That's PURRfect!!! Congratulations!!!!
Guinness World Records
New record: Largest bust (sculpture)This incredible 112ft sculpture of Adiyogi Shiva was unveiled recently in Tamil Nadu, India by...
Comments Guinness World Records Video > Narayana After killing hundreds of innocent wild elephants and destroying dense forest. Guinness should feel ashamedSugumar Arri Thousands of living things are destroyed for one non living thing shame on it Guinness World Records
Longest head hair (female). On this day in 2004, Xie Qiuping from China was confirmed to have the world's longest...
Comments Prajakta Majli Rapunzel! Let down your hair!Susan Proctor The last few feet don't look very healthy.April Bennett Looks really damaged and unhealthy starting at about the 5ft mark.... Cut that skinny rat tail looking part off and ... Guinness World Records

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