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Good morning. grateful to be alive this beautiful morning.I realised that many of us are survivors. Our life has lessons an our story can inspire others.Never give up on others if the only help you can offer is encouragement..share your ...
August 28, 2018World's only Wireless cab marker lights by
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A history of cycling speed records as Denise Mueller-Koronek reaches 183 mph
Project Speed Denise Mueller-Korenek has achieved a remarkable new slipstream cycling record, riding at a blistering 183.931 mph (296.009 km/h) 🚴‍♀️
Denise Mueller-Korenek has set a new cycling speed record at Bonneville so we look back at how speeds have ...
Comments Orban Balazs nezd meg ezt 300 km/ora sebessegel megy 😰 Hey hey hey look who is here, right, dude?#you must ... Geraldine Manser show dad
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Longest Hot Wheels Track
This 560.30 metre (1,838 ft 3.05 in) long Hot Wheels track is the stuff of childhood dreams 🚗💨 Comments Guinness World Records The record was attempted in Moscow, Russia to celebrate the ... I can't believe that I watched it till the end This toy car is living his best life. Not like ...
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Video: Watch the highest one-handed hit point combo in Dragon Ball FighterZ
This devastating Dragon Ball FighterZ combo has earned Desk a place in #GWRgamers Edition 2019 💪🎮
Fighting games expert "Desk" is used to taking his opponents down in rapid fashion on whichever fighting game he chooses – and even an ...
Comments LOL when I play I usually do 90 hits max ... Dragon ball FEVER FOREVER LIVE!! 😍😍😍💪🇵🇭 Chát love với bé ko
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The most teeth in the mouth is 37, achieved by Vijay Kumar V.A (India) and verified in Bangalore, India on this day in 2014 😬 Vijay has five more teeth than the average number for adults.

He first noticed that ...
Comments Guinness World Records Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Vijay's photo shoot for our ... I have 25 Teeth..can I get Guinness record for least ... Just gonna leave this here...
Mulget - the fastest journey on foot across the Pan American highway
Mulget - the fastest journey on foot across the Pan American highway
Hi guys,
I'm trying to beat a 35 old Guinness World Record of crossing the world's longest road Pan American Highway on foot in less than 1000 days. That's a 30.000km journey from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The ...
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Video: South African gymnast achieves most consecutive one-handed handsprings record
Astounding one-handed handsprings landed South Africa's Zama Mofokeng in the pages of our #GWR2019 book 🙃
Dedicated gymnast Zama Mofokeng has landed a place in the record books after achieving the Guinness World Records title for the most consecutive back ...
Comments So what do you get for being in GW Records ... Talha Khan Hamza Basit Malik Mutahir Rauf A. Ramxan Sheran ... JA dat ur cousin fam?😂😂
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Qual'è il battito di minor batitti cardiaci al minuto?
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Video: Meet the woman who's made the world's largest knitting needles
When the Statue of Liberty needs a winter scarf, Betsy will be ready #GWR2019
Betsy Bond, an art student from Wiltshire, UK, has set the record for the largest knitting needles which are almost 4.5 metres long
Comments This looks like a picture from an onion article Kelli Thompson what are you even doing with your life? That’s is an insanely useful talent!
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Most Pallets Toppled In A Domino Style
Anyone who's worked in a warehouse or factory will have daydreamed about what it would be like to topple pallets like giant dominoes. Looks like the folks at Exporta Global (UK) had a lot of fun. Comments Guinness World Records The attempt took place as a fun team building exercise ... Good morning. grateful to be alive this beautiful morning.I realised ... Do they have to do it within a certain time ...
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Tony Bennett achieves a new record titles with new album Love Is Here to Stay
In 1949, music legend Tony Bennett (USA) first recorded the single 'Fascinating Rhythm'. 68 years and 342 days later he’s recorded and released another version of the same song 🎶🎙️
92-year-old Tony Bennett was presented with the certificate during a ...
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Comments Kranti we r proud of u
Guinness World Records
Comments Fastest marathon ran in a castle suit? Is that even ...
Guinness World Records
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