Video: On this day in 2010 Big Jake, the world’s tallest horse, is measured
Would you be brave enough to take a ride? Big Jake from Michigan, USA was measured on this day in 2010 - the world's tallest horse still holds the record today 🐴
Big Jake the Belgian Gelding horse has earned ...
Comments BO Andersen Sorry but i have seen a bigger one.Saman Omar برارو خوشه ئينگليزي بزاني من به س وه ره سمه كه وه ئه زانم ئيژي چي 😅Solomon Mawuena Please come and measure my horse😜😜😜💪🏽. I think it’s a bit taller than this. 🔥🔥🔥 Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records Kids
In the new GWR Science & Stuff book, join Prof. Orbax and Sweet Pepper for these cool experiments to try at home - you could even break a record! 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 Find out more here > #GWRScience
Guinness World Records ...
Comments Omar Al-Masri I should have a Guinness world record for number of times that I had seen silly records have been done ...Saki Mita Gale ReyesAniket Sharma Abhay Mishra Guinness World Records
Adele smashes PSY's billion view record on YouTube
On this day in 2016 Adele achieved the fastest time for a video to reach a billion views on YouTube. 'Hello' broke the record previously held by PSY in just 88 days 🎶
Global superstar Adele’s (UK) recent hit song ...
Comments William Magdales You sir just liedKristy Koning Hey Adele, my name is Kristy Koning, I can't thank you enough for your beautiful words in your songs, you ...Samy Bensalem Are you sure the record is still valid ? Guinness World Records
‘Caring’ woman who was reunited with her twin after 78 years apart dies aged 81
Longest separated twins: Elizabeth and Ann were separated as babies in 1936 and reunited 78 years later
Twins Ann and Elizabeth set a record for the longest separated twins at their emotional reunion in 2014 after 78 years apart
Comments Carol Chimikwa Tayali this is not a record why unite with your own sister after so many yes don't make senseNick Tish Where do you see twins??Ben Cameron I feel that history can definitely argue about "longest separated/reunited twins"... Guinness World Records
Longest Bicycle
All aboard! On this day in 2015, University of South Australia mechanical engineering students pedalled into the record books on the longest bicycle 🚴‍♂️ Comments John Marples Is this now classed as a motorbike then 🤣🤣🤣Jerome Dinh LMBO!! What exactly is the point of this?!! People are hilarious!!Gabriel Gonzalez You need 4 more wheels on it. 2 on each side evenly spaced from both ends. With counter weights on ... Guinness World Records
Q&A: Betty White on her world record, her favorite works, and getting started on TV
What job would she have had if she hadn't been an actor? "Hands down, a zookeeper."
Happy birthday to longest TV career for a female entertainer record holder Betty White (USA) who made her television debut in 1939! 📺🎂🎉
Television ...
Comments Frank Loberto I'm very optimistic she'll make it to 100+ years old.Aina Venta Our evening entertainment with super actresses. She will make it 100.Stephanie Chandler Happy Birthday 🌞 Guinness World Records
Dolly Parton “humbled and blessed” as she receives certificates for her stellar career
"Joining so many wonderful singers and songwriters who have been honoured this way feels so special to me." Congratulations to Dolly Parton!
Country music icon, Dolly Parton, has added another accolade to her illustrious career, earning a well-deserved spot in ...
Comments Sarah Flora Benaida Great DollySaquib Mahtab MD.SAQUIB MAHTAB = Congratulations And GREAT DOLLY ...Joseph Montour Guinness World Records
Largest Mouth Gape
On this day in 2015 a new mouth gape record of 8.8 centimetres (3.5 inches) was confirmed - Germany's Bernd Schmidt chewed up the competition for a place in the #GWR2017 edition > 😮🍔 Comments Michael Hirai Cam Merryman Largest gape pics aren't allowed on FacebookBex Teasdale As a Dental Hygienist, he’d be a dream to clean! 😂 Guinness World Records
10 mind-blowing Guinness World Records titles set on a TV show
Take a look at these eye-popping records broken on TV 👀📺
While the seventh series of CBBC's Officially Amazing filmed recently, we look back at 10 of our favourite Guinness World Records titles achieved on the show
Comments Tyler Thompson Oh boy this picture popping up as soon as I opened Facebook is exactly why I set it to where ...Anthony Kelly I did a TV show with Kim and she is a wonderful person. We went for a Chinese meal and ...Geoffrey Mac Aterana Mugooha When u ask me why au genius bro, that's where i get the info. Sammerous Stanley WizTwist Vianney Lilv Last-Born ... Guinness World Records
Video: The fearless man who juggles samurai swords and flaming torches
A cut above the rest - watch Josh Horton - Juggler take on samurai swords ⚔️
Josh Horton has recently taken on some intense juggling challenges, breaking multiple records in the process
Comments Arūnas Ra These swords must be extremelly well or even specially balanced, I guess. Thrilling, ayway! Well done!Whitney Lawson Excited for you Josh! Keep it up!Martin Martin Bring on the chainsaws Guinness World Records
Beyond the Record
On this day in 2013, Japan's Mr.Cherry crushed this this record on CBBC's Officially Amazing - 48 walnuts in 30 seconds! Check out Cherry's episode on our Facebook Watch Show Beyond the Record 📺
Guinness World Records shared Beyond the ...
Comments Rahul Kamboj looks like Guinness world is now a jokes.. are you guys doing comedy...Mahmoud Hasan Al-Qudah You guys are going crazy I can bring my nephews they would Breaks all these eggs just in 10 seconds ...Atul Chaudhari Do you have any job opening? I would love to travel the world and meet all the crazy ass whooping ... Guinness World Records
Monday Motivation: How a man and his dog set a paddleboarding record in Brazil
One man and his dog paddleboarding the waves of a tidal bore is all the Monday Motivation you'll need today 🌊🐕🏄
The journey of a professional stand up paddleboarder and his chocolate Labrador on their record-breaking surf in Brazil.
Comments ภูวรัตน์ ถิระมนัส Sy Ceres Guzman !Tres bien! ⭐Wesley Shyman Mumba ? Guinness World Records
Most Baseball Catches With Alternating Hands
9-year-old Rafael Gomez from Bogotá, Colombia and his dad Juan have taken father son baseball catching sessions to a record-breaking level ⚾ Comments Guinness World Records Dad Juan Gomez says his son Rafael wanted to attempt the record "to send a message to other children that ...Justin Eagle In cricket we don't use glovesAlex Holst Guinness World Records
Video: Can you guess the age of the world’s oldest fitness instructor?
Wendy's age will amaze you 💪
Wendy Ida is a fitness trainer from California, USA, and she holds a Guinness World Records title that is likely to surprise you…
Comments Tom Macyszyn Record She's 65 guys! Saved you a click.Ian Jablonski over 9000?Kel Vin Wong 200 years old guys. End clickbait Guinness World Records
Today the USA celebrates National Milk Day. Fun fact: In 2004 Ilker Yilmaz from Turkey squirted milk from his eye...
Comments Muddasir Jahangir This is the reason Alliens don't visit Earth.Reuben Jensen How did he know he could do this?Bob Aganoosh What a useful skill, I was complaining to the Wife the other day that we needed a milk squirter in ... Guinness World Records
When life gives you lemons...On this day in 2003 our team confirmed a new record for the world's heaviest...
Comments Muddasir Jahangir Oh so Palestine has record for the biggest lemons.. wow 🙂Khalid Nawchoo Amazing
But it is not Israel it is great FALASTINE
Abdu Ibrahim This is eccupide palestine , there are no israhell .

Guinness World Records
New record: Largest bust (sculpture)This incredible 112ft sculpture of Adiyogi Shiva was unveiled recently in Tamil Nadu, India by...
Comments Guinness World Records Video > Prabu Fake environmentalists and socialists only know to spread negativity against positive situations.. a fact is always a fact. Every individual ...Shantanu Mantri Amazing! If someone cares about trees/elephants/poor people its Isha foundation and Sadhguru! Just look at the amount of work they ... Guinness World Records
Longest head hair (female). On this day in 2004, Xie Qiuping from China was confirmed to have the world's longest...
Comments Stark House This didn't worth world record
People can easily grow their hair to that length
Susan Proctor The last few feet don't look very healthy.Prajakta Majli Rapunzel! Let down your hair!
Guinness World Records

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