Most Balloons Blown Up In One Hour
Hunter Ewen, aka The Balloon Guy, conquered his fear of balloons by becoming the world's fastest at blowing them up! 🎈😮🎈 He's one of the stars of our #GWR2018 book

— Products shown: Guinness World Records 2018.
Comments Yanaisa Oliva I think I need to do this !!! Laura Maria Diaz 😂😂😂😂Chris Hulbert Who the hell is scared of balloonsDon Glass Sr. Inquiring minds want to know, were you ever a heroin dealer? LOL.
Guinness World Records
Largest collection of X-Men memorabilia is absolutely enormous
Take a tour of Eric's X-ceptional X-Men Movies collection, as featured in the new #GWR2018 edition
Comic fans will rave over the over the new record set by US resident Eric Jaskolka which celebrates the extensive assortment of X-Men items ...
Comments David McGovern This guy is awesomeAbid Ali Irteza RehmanIvan Rajter Vanja Barlović Guinness World Records
Want the chance to attempt a Guinness World Records title? Enter our GWR Dream Vacation Sweepstakes now - the winner gets a record-breaking opportunity as well as 3-night stay at Universal Orlando Resort >
#GWR2018 - Open to USA ...
Comments Chris Kinsman US only, I see... 😒Tshidiso Danny Nhlapo y not South Africa.....i see😤 Guinness World Records
Beyond the Record
In the first episode of our new Facebook Show Beyond the Record, go on an inspiring journey of discovery with Mr.Cherry and Asha Leo as they train for their next record attempts in Tokyo, Japan 🍒💪

Follow for new episodes ...
Comments Faheem Hassan Hello we want to apply for record
Plz tell how can I apply?
Neelabh Pant He is just adorable. Mr. Cherry I love you! ❤️Chukwuma Gemdeconq Ezeh In a chipmunks voice "Welcome to india" 😂
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Most Twisting Backflips Off A Wall In One Minute (Parkour)
Dinesh Sunar – aka ‘Parkour Dinesh’ – is a Nepali stuntman, parkour athlete and police officer who recently achieved 'Most twisting backflips off a wall in one minute' 😵‼️
Comments Guinness World Records If you'd like to see some of the amazing stories of our dedicated record holders, be sure to follow our ...Guinness World Records Dinesh, who is president of the Parkour Freerunning Association of Nepal, said “For several years I have been doing parkour ...Amit Yadav Great achievement Dinesh bro.its a proud moment for d country.
Keep on doing great works n make our country proud......#great ...
Guinness World Records
LIVE: Longest usable golf club. We're with Micharl Furrh from Texas, USA whose 28 foot 1" swinging record-breaker leaves all other golf clubs looking like toys. Putt your questions on the comments green below now. Hosted by Claire Elise Stephens.
Comments Gerard Van Zwieten This will never fit in my golfbagChris Lumberjack I need those blue pants! Please autograph them and send them to me. I'll make a donationLauren Rathbone Incase you did now know, you need to keep these live events down to 7 minutes tops... we are pretending ... Guinness World Records
Videogame sensation PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS collects 7 records including most played game on Steam
We presented Steam sensation PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS with 7 record titles today at the Golden Joysticks awards in London 🎮
Hailed by the media as "the game of the moment", PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) has smashed seven new Guinness World Records ...
Comments Guinness World Records 👍 #PUBG #GWRgamersNathan Logie All thanks to Dr Disrespect broadcasting it to tens of millions in the arena.Jommer R. De Luna MOBA: League of Legends - 100,000,000 players
RPG: World of Warcraft - 5,800,000 players
FPS: Playerunknow's Battlegrounds - 2,617,400 players

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LIVE: Longest duration to balance a guitar on the forehead. Join us in LA with Josh Horton - Juggler as he attempts to break the current record of 5 mins 20 seconds and demonstrates his amazing juggling abilities. Let's hope ... Comments Wences Sarmiento Congratulations from Peru! Amazing!! Do you have a strict diet? How do you keep in shape for your performances? Andre Acevedo I imagine there are some circus clowns who can break this. I have seen them do stuff like this while ...Hope Marie Phillips I never thought I would be this tense about watching some dude balance a guitar Guinness World Records
Beyond the Record
Cherry Power! Our first episode of Beyond the Record - Tokyo adventures with Mr.Cherry and Asha Leo who are both in pursuit of record-breaking glory 🍒💪
Guinness World Records shared Beyond the Record's post.
Comments Mulamuleli Lumadi Nut crashing record 🤔Kenon Gariguez thats daisy ridleyHaider Alabadi Top Guinness World Records
New record: Most expensive painting sold at auction
Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci has sold for $450,312,500 (£342,148,000 / €381,431,000) at Christie's in New York. In 1958, before it had been officially recognised as artwork by Da Vinci, the ...
Comments Jay Derosier It pisses me off that some people have so much money that they can blow half a billion dollars on ...Larry Carlson i agrer that its a shame it was a private owner. no doubt this is a great work of art. ...Mirized Kapadia Ridiculous! It would have been much more sensible and noteworthy to use $400 million for humanitarian causes!! Seriously, those who ... Guinness World Records
Beyond the Record
Watch the first episode from our new show Beyond the Record now! Filmed in Japan, host Asha Leo meets charismatic multiple record holder Mr.Cherry as he trains for his next big attempt.

Follow the show to get the latest episodes ...
Comments Guinness World Records Mr.Cherry can also be seen breaking records on popular television show #OfficiallyAmazing on kids TV channels in nearly 100 countries ...Sean Castle He's hilarious and she is enthusiastic and stunningly beautiful. I am entertained.Aeternum Lightius Wow, I figure they'd be a good couple lol Guinness World Records
LIVE: Largest serving of green bean casserole. This delicious traditional Thanksgiving treat served at dinner tables across the US is being taken to the limits in celebration of Green Giant's inaugural year in the iconic New York Macy's Thanksgiving Day ... Comments Guinness World Records As with all of our large food records, all the food must be eaten - in this case, the casserole ...Kim Theriot Faulk I always cook my green beans first before popping them in the oven. Also I add bacon and ham chunks. ...Sarah Branham I just wanna curl up in it and eat my way out. Guinness World Records
Eye To Eye Football / Soccer Rolls
Japanese freestyler Yuuki Yoshinaga didn't take his eyes off the ball as he earned himself a second record title last week for #GWRday 2017 ⚽ Comments Guinness World Records Yukki, who also holds the record for 'Most football touches with the shoulders in one minute' broke the previous eye-to-eye ...Amanpreet Nijjar AwesomeDana Whitner Ummmm I got nothing! His 2nd it says? Waiting 2 months for my son’s (I think you guys would be ... Guinness World Records
What to expect on Guinness World Records' new Facebook show, Beyond the Record
We're thrilled that our new show Beyond the Record has landed!
Be sure to follow our page for new show updates >
Meet amazing record breakers from around the world on Guinness World Records' brand new Facebook series
Comments Cooper Hebert L.A. Beast!Aloosh King ඊ੭৴૭ﻫﺎﺭﻭﻥ.ﻏﺎﻟﺐ نسي شلات Guinness World Records
New record: Largest bust (sculpture)This incredible 112ft sculpture of Adiyogi Shiva was unveiled recently in Tamil Nadu, India by...
Comments Guinness World Records Video > Narayana After killing hundreds of innocent wild elephants and destroying dense forest. Guinness should feel ashamedSugumar Arri Thousands of living things are destroyed for one non living thing shame on it Guinness World Records
Longest head hair (female). On this day in 2004, Xie Qiuping from China was confirmed to have the world's longest...
Comments Prajakta Majli Rapunzel! Let down your hair!Susan Proctor The last few feet don't look very healthy.April Bennett Looks really damaged and unhealthy starting at about the 5ft mark.... Cut that skinny rat tail looking part off and ... Guinness World Records

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