Administrator Bridenstine Attends National Space Council Meeting on This Week @NASA – June 22, 2018
The third meeting of the National Space Council, seeking a partnership to power our Gateway, and – an educational activity that’s quite a blast … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

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NASA | Charon at 40: The Discovery of Pluto’s Largest Moon
The largest of Pluto's five moons, Charon, was discovered on June 22, 1978, by James Christy and Robert Harrington at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.
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Charon was discovered only about six miles from where ...
Earth’s squishy interior gives rapid rise to Antarctica Parts of Earth’s crust are rising very slowly owing to post-glacial rebound, but using GPS, researchers have found that West Antarctica is rising faster than almost anywhere else in the world. And, ESA’s GOCE gravity mission has, in turn, helped ... ESA Top News
Week In Images Our week through the lens: 18 - 22 June 2018 ESA Top News
ESA Euronews: Avoiding Deep Impact
Asteroids pose a risk to our planet, and you only need to visit a museum to see the proof. Sixty six million years ago things were going just fine for the dinosaurs, until one day, a large and fast-moving space ... European Space Agency, ESA
ESA Euronews: Evitando Deep Impact
La fine dei dinosauri Sessantasei milioni di anni fa i dinosauri dominavano la Terra.
Per non finire come i dinosauri... All'ESA in Germania il team di Space Safety lavora allo sviluppo di un sistema di allerta precoce, in particolare per ...
European Space Agency, ESA
ESA Euronews Αποφεύγοντας Deep Impact
66 εκατομμύρια χρόνια πριν, οι δεινόσαυροι κυριαρχούσαν στη Γη. Σήμερα, το μόνο που μας έχει απομείνει είναι οστά και απολιθώματα, και ρέπλικες τις οποίες βρίσκουμε σε διάφορα μουσεία Φυσικής Ιστορίας, όπως αυτό της Βιέννης. Η αιτία του αφανισμού τους ήταν ... European Space Agency, ESA
ESA Euronews: Éviter Deep Impact
Alerte précoce Face à cette menace, que fait-on pour protéger notre planète? En Allemagne, à l'ESA, cette équipe travaille sur un système d'alerte précoce qui concerne en particulier, les petits astéroïdes qui sont les plus nombreux.

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European Space Agency, ESA
Earth from Space In this edition, Sentinel-2 takes us over Lake Huron, the second largest of the five Great Lakes of North America ESA Top News
Chaotic Clouds of Jupiter This image captures swirling cloud belts and tumultuous vortices within Jupiter’s northern hemisphere. NASA Image of the Day
Copernicus 20 years on This week marks 20 years since the manifesto was signed that gave rise to Europe’s Copernicus environmental programme. With seven Sentinel satellites already in orbit delivering terabytes of data every day, Copernicus is the biggest provider of Earth observation data ... ESA Top News
Launching to Observe Our Sun On June 21, 1975, NASA successfully launched the eighth Orbiting Solar Observatory aboard a Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This satellite was the final in a series of spacecraft specifically designed to look at the Sun in high-energy wavelength ... NASA Image of the Day
Rosetta image archive complete All high-resolution images and the underpinning data from Rosetta’s pioneering mission at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko are now available in ESA’s archives, with the last release including the iconic images of finding lander Philae, and Rosetta’s final descent to the comet’s surface. ESA Top News
Through the heat barrier Technology image of the week: A scorching reentry test for ESA's next CubeSat mission inside the world's largest plasma wind tunnel ESA Space Engineering & Technology
NASA | Eat Like an Astronaut
Astronauts on the International Space Station get food that’s chosen for nutritional value and specially prepared and packaged to be accessible on orbit. Could the same food feed the needs of people stuck on planet Earth? We conducted an experiment ... NASA
Rover Under the Milky Way - Atacama Rover Astrobiology Drilling Studies The Moon begins to rise behind the ARADS rover during the 2017 season of field tests in Chile’s Atacama Desert. NASA Image of the Day
Highlights of the National Space Council's Third Meeting
President Trump, Vice President Pence, and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine speak at the third meeting of the National Space Council, held at the White House on June 18, 2018. NASA
Artificial Sun Space Science Image of the Week: Demonstrating that the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer can endure extreme temperatures ESA Space Engineering & Technology
Administrator Bridenstine Chats with Astronauts on This Week @NASA – June 15, 2018
Administrator Bridenstine chats with a couple of our astronauts, a massive dust storm on Mars, and astronauts at work outside the space station … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

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NASA Prepares to Fly a Large Unmanned Aircraft in Public Airspace Without Chase Plane for First Time
NASA’s remotely-piloted Ikhana aircraft performs flight tests in preparation to fly in the National Airspace System without a safety chase aircraft. On June 12, 2018, NASA successfully flew the historic flight. News release:

The flight will help to move ...
Richard Branson talks about VSS Unity's Second Supersonic Flight and Democratising Space
Richard Branson joined Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company teams on the Mojave Air and Space Port flight line, to witness VSS Unity’s second supersonic, rocket powered test flight. SpaceshipTwo Unity rocketed to an altitude of 114,500 feet, reaching a ... Virgin Galactic

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