NASA Launches NOAA Weather Satellite to Improve Forecasts
Early on the morning of Saturday, Nov. 18, NASA successfully launched for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the first in a series of four advanced polar-orbiting satellites, equipped with next-generation technology and designed to improve the accuracy of ... NASA
Test your geography skills in this timelapse over Europe!
It’s time to test your geography skills! Can you name one or more cities in this night timelapse over Europe?

If yes, go and write your answers on Paolo’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) as a comment or ...
European Space Agency, ESA
Science and Supplies Launched to Space Station on This Week @NASA – November 17, 2017
An Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station on Nov. 14, carrying about 7,400 pounds of supplies, and science and research materials. The Cygnus – named after late NASA astronaut Eugene Cernan – was launched two ... NASA
Week in Images Our week through the lens: 13-17 November 2017 ESA Top News
Jovian Tempest This color-enhanced image of a massive, raging storm in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere was captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft. NASA Image of the Day
Earth from Space In the 248th edition, discover Chile’s largest salt flat in the Atacama Desert ESA Top News
Earth from Space: Salar de Atacama
Earth from Space is presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios. In the 248th edition, discover Chile’s largest salt flat in the Atacama Desert.

See also to download the image.
European Space Agency, ESA
Sunrise Flight to the Space Station Orbital ATK's Cygnus resupply ship with its cymbal-ike UltraFlex solar arrays approaches the International Space Station on Nov. 14, 2017. NASA Image of the Day
A meteoroid as seen from the Space Station… make a wish!
A series of night-time photos were taken by ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli on 5 November around 22:33 GMT, here shown in a time-lapse with a 1-second interval, while the Space Station was flying from the southern Atlantic Ocean over to ... European Space Agency, ESA
Fracture swarms on Mars These striking features on Mars were caused by the planet’s crust stretching apart in response to ancient volcanic activity. ESA Top News
Gaia: How to find a star cluster
It's the perfect meeting of old and new. Astronomers have combined recent data from ESA's Gaia mission with a simple analysis technique from the 18th century to discover a massive star cluster that had previously escaped detection. Subsequent investigations are ... European Space Agency, ESA
How to See the Atmosphere How can you see the atmosphere? The answer is blowing in the wind. NASA Image of the Day
Where no CubeSat ... Technology image of the week: Where no CubeSat has gone before; ESA’s M–Argo has been designed to survey small asteroids in deep space ESA Space Engineering & Technology
Monitoring ozone
The ozone layer protects life on Earth from ultraviolet radiation but it is also a powerful greenhouse gas. Satellites can provide measurements of atmospheric ozone and monitor distribution changes with the seasons.

Credit: ESA/CCI Ozone and Aerosol teams/Planetary
European Space Agency, ESA
Ozone ups and downs Climate scientists studying three decades of ozone measurements from seven satellites see a positive trend in global recovery thanks to international efforts to curb ozone-depleting substances. ESA Top News
Orbital ATK's Cygnus Rendzevous and Installation to the International Space Station
Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station Nov. 14 after a two-day journey following its launch Nov. 12 on the company’s Antares rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Dubbed the “SS Gene Cernan” after the ... NASA
3D printed metal mutants arise from Europe’s AMAZE programme Europe’s lead in metal 3D printing has been strengthened by the four-year AMAZE programme, producing lighter, cheaper, organically shaped parts. ESA was among 26 academic and industrial partners developing novel processes and products for high-performance sectors. ESA Space Engineering & Technology
Post-Launch Status of Orbital ATK’s Mission to the International Space Station
On Nov. 12, Orbital ATK launched its Cygnus cargo spacecraft atop an Antares rocket to the International Space Station, from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Following the launch mission managers provided a status update ... NASA
U.S. Commercial Cargo Spaceship Heads to the International Space Station
Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket blasted off Nov. 12 from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia to send the company’s Cygnus spacecraft to orbit on the start of a two-day journey to deliver 3 ½ tons of supplies and science experiments ... NASA
Hubble Sees Light Echo from Exploded Star on This Week @NASA – November 11, 2017
Images from our Hubble Space Telescope show a “light echo” from the explosive death of a star some 11.4 million light-years away – still sweeping through interstellar space three years after the explosion. The “echoing” light – which looks like ... NASA
OVERVIEW | Episode 1: Ground Crew
The Virgin Galactic ground crew plays an essential role in our commercial spaceline operations. Meet our spaceship mechanics and watch them prepare our vehicles VSS Unity and VMS Eve for a flight -- right up until they pull chocks for ... Virgin Galactic

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