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Global Operations Anthem What matters most to the Global Operations team is taking care of the billions of people who use Facebook platforms everyday. The Global Operations team work together towards a common goal—to create a truly inclusive community. Join us:
Internship Program Facebook Latin America 2020 Part of our Global Internship Program, the Latin America Internship Program is based in São Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’re looking for talented students in this region who love to build things and are bold enough to tackle ...
Diversity inside Facebook Over the last six years, we have worked hard to make our commitment to diversity and inclusion more than just sound bites. Our company has grown a lot. So has our approach.” —Maxine W., Global Chief Diversity Officer
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When You Get Home: Dads at Facebook The most important work begins when you get home. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.
Take Your Kids to Work Day 2019 Come along as five-year-old Paloma takes us for a ride through Facebook's Take Your Kid to Work Day!
When is the Best Time to Send an Email Marketing Campaign [Infographic] When's the best time to send your marketing emails? This study sought to find out.

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