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Romulus mystery: Experts divided on 'tomb of Rome's founding father' A discovery at an ancient temple divides experts over possible links to the city's legendary founder.
Scientists discover powerful antibiotic using AI Researchers claim it could be used to kill some of the world's deadliest bacteria.
My life as a particle physicist (in American Sign Language) Particle physicist Giordon Stark describes his life as a Deaf physicist working for the ATLAS experiment at CERN. Below is a transcript.
(Please note that while he was a graduate student at the time the video was recorded, Giordon has ...
Blind Portsmouth astronomer shares his love of space Nic Bonne, who uses 3D-printed models to study galaxies, wants more people to stargaze.
Can We Trust Maths? - with Kit Yates Mathematics is everywhere, in all of our lives. Whether it’s used for medicine, in the media or in the world of politics, we can’t escape it - but can we always trust how it's used?
Kit’s book "The Maths of ...
'Birdgirl' Mya-Rose Craig receives Bristol University honorary doctorate Mya-Rose Craig has been campaigning for equality in the environmental movement since 2015.
Conservation: New protections for jaguar and Asian elephant New measures to protect migrating species have been agreed at an international summit in India.
Christmas Lectures 2019: How Can We All Win? - Hannah Fry In the third and final lecture of the 2019 Christmas Lectures, Hannah Fry looks at why maths can fail and asks what the limits of maths are.
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Hannah Fry is the 2019 Christmas Lecturer. She ...
Tricks of Perspective - Christmas Lectures with Eric M Rogers Eric M Rogers gives us a warning about the way we attach new unfamiliar knowledge to old familiar things that we already know.
Watch the full sixth, and final, lecture of the series:
Eric M Rogers gave the 1979 ...
LIVE CAREERS AT CERN Taking you behind the scenes of Careers@CERN: find out more about opportunities in a unique place to work.
Join us live on LinkedIn, Friday 14th February 3pm CEST and meet Rachel Bray, #CERNAlumni Community Manager at CERN.
CERN. Take part.
Are We Running Out of Precious Elements? Chemical elements are integral to our modern technology and even to the origins of life itself - but what would happen if we were to run out of them?
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Our panel of experts discusses ...
A new cosmic data-taking era begins for the AMS experiment Relive the drama of four complex spacewalks to replace the entire cooling system of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, AMS, a unique cosmic-ray detector, assembled at CERN.
With ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano returning to Earth on 6 February, AMS scientists based ...
X-Ray Crystallography Explained with 3 Objects For millennia, humans have wondered about how the building blocks of the universe fit together. In the 20th century the science of X-ray crystallography revealed our molecular world at a level previously unimaginable, far beyond the limits of the microscope.
CERN highlights from 2019 Relive 2019 at CERN, from engineering and accelerator milestones to particle physics results and much more.
This video will take you on a journey through key moments of 2019 at CERN. Enjoy!
Building the future 2020 / Construire l'avenir en 2020 Building the future 2020 / Construire l'avenir en 2020
Polio Eradication in India India’s National Immunisation Days, dedicated to the fight against polio, began in 1995. Within two decades annual cases of the disease were down from over 3,000 to none. India was officially declared polio-free in 2014.
This film, made three years ...

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