Bosnia's silent killer: The coal industry
The Balkan country has the world's second highest death rate caused by air pollution. BBC News - Science & Environment
Floods: How can you save your life when disaster strikes?
Floods have been a deadly staple of 2017. But how can you protect yourself against the natural disaster? BBC News - Science & Environment
Why a confused body clock may give you jetlag
Your circadian rhythm or 24-hour body clock responds primarily to changing light levels throughout the day. Your body can only adapt to small changes in your sleep-wake cycle so even the occasional late night will essentially give you jet lag ... Science Museum
How fungus-farming ants might help us develop new antibiotics
Scientists from the University of East Anglia are trying to develop new antibiotics for humans from the bacteria leafcutter ants are carrying on their bodies to protect the fungus they farm from other microbes.

Music: Kai Engel
Science Museum
Building virtual humans in the future
One day your doctor will be able to recreate you in a computer so that a virtual version of you can be used to try out treatments, like a crash test dummy, guinea pig and trial volunteer all rolled into ... Science Museum
The world's biggest lithium battery farm
The plant in the US state of California stores enough energy to power 20,000 homes for four hours. BBC News - Science & Environment
Small steps forward as UN climate talks end in Bonn
UN climate talks finish with progress on technical issues but with questions on carbon cuts unresolved. BBC News - Science & Environment
Trump puts elephant trophy imports on hold
The US president's move comes a day after US hunters were told they could import elephant trophies. BBC News - Science & Environment
How worried should we be about melting ice caps?
As the UN climate change conference ends, BBC Science's David Shukman takes a look at melting ice caps. BBC News - Science & Environment
Fireball in Finland sky 'probably a meteorite'
The suspected meteor shook buildings when it raced through the sky in Lapland. BBC News - Science & Environment
Fishing 'best argument for seagrass conservation'
Seagrass meadows are diminishing worldwide, which has serious implications for fishing activity. BBC News - Science & Environment
What would you do with a third thumb
With this 3D-printed thumb by product designer Dani Clode you can find out if you need another digit.

The thumb attaches to your hand and is controlled by pressure sensors under your big toes. It blurs the lines between prosthetics ...
Science Museum
Tesla shows off new truck and surprise Roadster
Tesla shows off a long awaited truck, but surprises with its new Roadster sports car. BBC News - Science & Environment
Interstellar asteroid is given a name
The first known asteroid to visit our Solar System from interstellar space has been given a name. BBC News - Science & Environment
UK and Canada lead global alliance against coal
A significant group of nations take a stand against using coal for electricity generation at UN climate talks. BBC News - Science & Environment
Electrical Engineering Workshop by Terence Cuneo
Join Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group, as he reunites Terence Cuneo’s daughter, Carole Cuneo, with one of the acclaimed artist’s monumental masterpieces, Electrical Engineering Workshop, originally commissioned by the Science Museum Science Museum
Could leafcutter ants tackle the antibiotic apocalypse
Scientists are turning to leafcutter ants in the search for new antibiotics. These ants have been farming fungus in underground gardens for the last 60 million years. They use antibiotics produced by bacteria to protect their fungus from other microbes. ... Science Museum
Bacteria busting things to know
Bacteria live all over our skin and can be spread easily by touch. This isn’t usually a problem, but in somewhere like a hospital where people are vulnerable to infections, this spread should be kept to a minimum. One simple ... Science Museum
Commission gathers views on how to tax the digital economy fairly and effectively European - Press release Commission Brussels, 26 October 2017 The European Commission has today launched a public consultation on how the EU can ensure that the digital economy is taxed in a fair and growth-friendly way. Taxing the digital economy ... Press releases - RSS
Fair Taxation: Commission welcomes new rules to resolve tax disputes European Commission - Press release Brussels, 10 October 2017 Fair Taxation: Commission welcomes new rules to resolve tax disputes The European Commission welcomes EU Member States' formal green light for new rules to better resolve tax disputes. The decision taken by ... Press releases - RSS
Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 4 October 2017 Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU Why does the EU's VAT system need reform? The current VAT rules for cross-border trade between businesses in EU Member States date ... Press releases - RSS
European Commission proposes far-reaching reform of the EU VAT system - Press release European Commission Brussels, 4 October 2017 European Commission proposes far-reaching reform of the EU VAT system The European Commission has today launched plans for the biggest reform of EU VAT rules in a quarter of a century. Press releases - RSS

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