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Extraction may refer to:

  • Extraction (dental), surgical removal of a tooth from the mouth
  • Extraction (fragrance), obtaining fragrant oils and compounds from odorous raw materials
  • Extraction (military), removal of someone from a hostile area to a secure location
  • Comedo extraction, a method of acne treatment
  • Data extraction, retrieving data out of data sources
  • Liquid-liquid extraction or solvent extraction, method to separate components of a mixture
  • Resource extraction, locating, acquiring and selling any resource
  • Dead Space: Extraction, an upcoming video game for the Wii that serves as a prequel to the 2008 video game Dead Space (video game).
  • Leaching, separating a substance from a solid matrix into a liquid, in chemistry
  • Reversing data compression, a.k.a. decompression, in computing
  • Choosing elements from a source document, in linguistics
  • Part of the anatomy of a stroke, in rowing
  • "Extractions", song by BS 2000 from the 2001 album Simply Mortified
  • Extraction (album), an album by guitarist Greg Howe

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