News story: Britain leads first ever European conference on veterans mental health Ministers and senior military officials from six European countries have gathered in London to discuss mental health issues affecting veterans. Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK
The Portuguese jet pilot - #WeAreNATO
Colonel João “Skipper” Pereira is one of the most experienced jet pilots of the Portuguese Air Force, with more than 4,000 flight hours.

During his long career, he has plenty of stories to tell. On one occasion, he had to ...
Press release: United Kingdom - Poland Quadriga 2018: joint communiqué The UK and Polish foreign and defence ministers issued a joint communiqué on strengthening our foreign, defence and security partnership. Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK
NATO’s role in preventing conflict-related sexual and gender based violence
NATO and its partners are taking action to promote the role of women in peace and security. Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is often used as a weapon of war and can undermine NATO’s operations, but also conflict resolution and ... NATO
Unified Vision 2018
In a changing world we need to be able to exchange information quickly. Gathered on land, in the air and sea to identify conventional and terrorist threats. This is what we call Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

At the ...
Night Watch on a NATO Ship
When the sun sets on the sea, so too does it set on a warship: the lights change from white to red and the officers of the watch – those entrusted to steer the ship through the night, sometimes through ... NATO
NATO: The Price of Freedom
Ever wondered how big organisations fund themselves, especially when their members do not have the same economic power?

NATO has a very simple solution that you can discover here.


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How NATO coordinates artillery fire
Learn about the process of how artillery fire is coordinated, and how NATO nations overcome language and systems differences to improve artillery response.

During exercise Dynamic Front 18 at Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany, units from various NATO nations conducted ...
Model NATO Challenge at Virginia Wesleyan University
The Model NATO Challenge is a scholarship competition where the top 29 high school applicants along with 6 alternates are chosen to participate in a mock global crisis simulation. Each student represented one of the 29 NATO member nations in ... NATO
Making ghost soldiers: camouflage of the future
An international team of scientists from NATO member and partner countries met in rural Germany to carry out field trials on a variety of camouflage materials. The ultimate goal for the future, is creating camouflage systems able to elude hyperspectral ... NATO
Poland’s first female MiG-29 fighter pilot - #WeAreNATO
“The aircraft won’t forgive any mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, we are all pilots,” says Lt Katarzyna Tomiak-Siemieniewicz, the first-ever female MiG-29 fighter pilot in the Polish Air Force. In this video, she ... NATO
How could cyber attacks affect you?
Cyber attacks present a clear challenge to our security, societies and economies. NATO has a defensive mandate and is taking a serious, responsible and measured approach to cyber defence.


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Portuguese Quick Reaction Alert
Quick Reaction Alert is a high state of readiness, maintained by NATO air crews to ensure the safety of Alliance airspace 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Fighter jets can be airborne within minutes to intercept and identify ... NATO
Collection: Niteworks Niteworks was established by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide a commercially neutral environment in which to address complex Defence challenges through a partnership between MOD, industry and academia. Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK
Guidance: Countering hybrid warfare project: understanding hybrid warfare Countering hybrid warfare (CHW) is a multinational project to help understand the nature and character of modern hybrid threats. Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK
Guidance: DCPP: Cyber Security Model industry buyer and supplier guide A guide for industry about the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) Cyber Security Model (CSM) and the risk acceptance process. Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK
Guidance: Military low flying: MOD sponsored air exercises MOD sponsored low flying exercises within the United Kingdom low flying system. Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK
Guidance: Public appointments for Ministry of Defence The Ministry of Defence is responsible for making public appointments to a range of public bodies and public corporations. Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK
Guidance: Defence financial management and charging policy manual (JSP 462) Details of the policy, rules and guidance on the conduct of financial management in the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Ministry of Defence - Activity on GOV.UK

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