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How NATO gets tanks across rivers
The 9th Armoured Brigade, part of Germany’s 1st Armoured Division, under the operational control of 1 German-Netherlands Corps, use M3 amphibious rigs to transport armoured vehicles across the Weser River near Eystrup, Germany. Germany will lead NATO’s Very High Readiness ...
Camouflage make-up tutorial
Private First Class Elva Karzova of the Latvian Army talks you through the stages of applying camouflage face paint in a 1-minute video tutorial.

Effective use of military camouflage paint means breaking up the visual patterns of the human face ...
НАТО: Што е, зошто се уште постои и како функционира? (Macedonian version)
НАТО: Што е, зошто се уште постои и како функционира? Дознајте ги основните факти од овој анимиран филм.

Оваа анимација е дел од „НАТО: што, зошто, како?„ серијалот, достапen на повеќе јазици. Истите можете да ги најдете на следната плејлиста: ...
What happens to pilots at high gravitational forces (G-forces)
For fighter pilots to maintain their composure during aerial combat, they must undergo training at high gravitational forces (G-forces).

Aggressive manoeuvres at high speed drain the blood from a pilot’s head with centrifugal force – so while they’re tracking their ...
НАТО: Какво представлява, защо съществува още и как работи? (Bulgarian version)
НАТО: Какво представлява, защо съществува още и как работи? Научете основното от този филм.


This animation is part of the “NATO: what, why, how?” series, available in multiple languages. You can find them all in this playlist:


NATO: mi az, miért létezik es hogyan működik? (Hungarian version)
NATO: mi az, miért létezik es hogyan működik? Tudd meg az alapvető információkat a Szövetségről ebből az animációból.


This animation is part of the “NATO: what, why, how?” series, available in multiple languages. You can find them all in ...
Meet NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF)
In the event of a crisis, NATO turns to its Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), a rapidly deployable, multinational force capable of quickly bringing air, land, maritime and Special Operations forces to bear.

The VJTF will play a ...
NATO bodyguards exercise their driving skills
NATO’s Close Protection Unit is made up of highly skilled and highly trained individuals who guard NATO leaders as they travel the world.

An anonymous team leader talks about the role of the bodyguard - or close protection officer - ...
Mali, the hero dog
Mali is a Belgian malinois dog who was part of a British military unit deployed to Afghanistan to work alongside NATO troops in 2012. During one operation in Kabul, Mali helped secure a multi-storey building that had been taken over ...
What's in the backpack of a Polish Paratrooper?
What does a Polish paratrooper carry in his 40 kg backpack to ensure he is prepared for anything as soon as he touches the ground?


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The Czech Army Scouts
Ground surveillance operators can spend many days out in the field, without re-supply. Equipped with numerous observation devices, these specialists are trained to gather what information they can on the enemy.

Meet 1st Lieutenant Schudek, 2nd Long Range Recon Unit, ...
Making aircraft less detectable
A team of NATO experts is developing new technology that will
make military aircraft less detectable. Most forms of aircraft need
actuators (vertical and horizontal flaps) to enable flight and control.
The technology being developed leaves these flaps redundant in
I've got the best job in the world - the British naval Commander - #WeAreNATO
Commander Justin Hains, UK Royal Navy, recently concluded a one-year tour as commander of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2. He reflects on his experience commanding a multinational flotilla, and the leadership skills that helped him get the most out ...
How NATO forges the cyber defenders of tomorrow
Being a good cyber defender means more than possessing the technical expertise – it means being a good communicator, and being capable of devising effective policies to address to rapidly developing crises. As the cyber threat grows in size and ...
News story: A visual guide to Exercise Saif Sareea logistics This ‘Guide to Exercise Saif Sareea Logistics’ helps explain who is responsible for this exercise abroad and how they are delivered safely and effectively.
News story: Commendations awarded to outstanding JFC staff Individuals from across Joint Forces Command were presented with Commander Joint Forces Command Commendations in recognition for their contribution to the wider Ministry of Defence.
News story: UK boosts cyber links after tri-nation visit to Central America Defence Minister Mark Lancaster has returned from a visit to Chile, Mexico and Belize.
Notice: Don’t Blow It! Safely eliminating chemical and biological munitions on the battlefield DASA is launching a new competition seeking low technology readiness level proposals for innovative technologies in accessing, disabling and destroying chemical and biological munitions and improvised explosive devices on the battlefield.
Regulation: MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP) amendment record sheet This document contains dates of issue of regulatory publications. Produced by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA).
News story: Defence Secretary announces extension of support to Ukraine’s Armed Forces Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has reaffirmed the United Kingdom's commitment to Ukraine in visit to Marinka and Kyiv
Regulation: Notice of proposed amendments (NPA) reference table The Military Aviation Authority (MAA) NPA table provides information of proposed changes in regulations and release date.

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