Cloverfield 3’s Viral Marketing Campaign Has Begun @_SocialBuzz 0 0
Well if this ain't the catchiest song you will ever hear! Come listen to #MrPayRise by #VictiPicti guys! @_SocialBuzz 0 0
Bankarito? Florida authorities say a man was charged with driving under the influence after he tried to order a bur… @AP_Oddities 58 83
A Christmas Present.

This song is a gift just in time for Christmas. New song tells the true reason for the seas…
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The scoop is finished! We applyed one coat of sunflower oil and we burnished it 🙂…
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Perhaps now it is time for the Shadow to prevail? Ages die as the next
is born, its birth and death often through…
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Punch drunk? Police in Maine say a man punched himself in the face three times to avoid a sobriety test. #odd @AP_Oddities 96 90
Unexpected encounter: Russian police searching a home for undeclared weapons find a crocodile in the basement, rest… @AP_Oddities 51 73
Is Fido fly? Delta Air Lines to soon require owners of service and support animals to provide more information befo… @AP_Oddities 69 135
Ice packs: Cigarette smugglers find frozen route to Lithuania VILNIUS (Reuters) - Tobacco smugglers are using river iceflows and GPS technology to transport their goods into Lithuania, where an estimated one in every six cigarettes smoked in 2016 was illegally imported. Reuters: Oddly Enough
Dirt dumping fine: Washington couple fined $16,000 after refusing to make a plan to remove 296 cubic yards of dirt… @AP_Oddities 40 70
Fiona's fete: Cincinnati Zoo has a day of festivities ready for Fiona's first birthday party. #odd
@AP_Oddities 142 405
Protesters yank down angel sculpture in Athens, saying it looks like Satan ATHENS (Reuters) - Black-clad protesters in southern Athens have torn down a red sculpture shaped like an angel and broke its wings in a fresh act of violence against an artwork critics liken to Satan. Reuters: Oddly Enough
Pope stops popemobile to comfort fallen horseback policewoman IQUIQUE, Chile (Reuters) - Pope Francis ordered his popemobile to stop on Thursday after a mounted Chilean policewoman was thrown off her frightened horse, which had reared up as the pontiff passed by. Reuters: Oddly Enough
Psychic paid $3.5 million for exorcisms gets prison for evading U.S. taxes BOSTON (Reuters) - A self-proclaimed psychic was sentenced on Wednesday to 26 months in prison after admitting that she tried to avoid paying taxes on over $3.5 million that she received from an elderly Massachusetts woman seeking to cleanse herself ... Reuters: Oddly Enough
A woman was reunited with her lost wedding ring after five years. It was in her dog: via @yahoooddnews @YahooOddNews 20 13
A man said that the 911 operator he called debated him instead of quickly sending help for a carjacking victim: @YahooOddNews 7 7

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