Is it possible to unearth the vilest, dark secrets imaginable, those which are surely spawned of hell and still com… @_SocialBuzz 0 0
RT @ATBmusicCanada: Hey guys -- time to mark your calendar for Sunday Oct 15 at The Bovine-- the band has been… @_SocialBuzz 2 0
RT @MusicArtistspro: Almighty Hayze - Make A Killin produced by Almighty Hayze
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Shroom zoom: Lithuanians race to pick wild mushrooms during contest in a pine forest. #odd @AP_Oddities 14 38
Hulk Lives A Celebrity Life on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok @_SocialBuzz 0 0
To save you time and space, here's the last 3 weeks of odd stories all in one place. #odd @AP_Oddities 79 198
Dumpster detonation: West Virginia man accused of setting off a loud blast that shook a nearby police cruiser. #odd @AP_Oddities 48 51
Some TV viewers in southern California startled after an apocalyptic emergency alert flashes on their screens. #odd @AP_Oddities 122 121
Surprise Hitchhiker: A raccoon jumps on a Colorado police officer's windshield, takes a ride. #odd @AP_Oddities 311 620
An unpleasant ride: Police say man test-driving vehicle keeps on driving, doesn't bring it back. #odd @AP_Oddities 43 79
Hospital allow kids to drive themselves to operating room LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A San Diego children's hospital unveiled a collection of remote controlled luxury mini cars on Tuesday that allow its young patients to 'drive' themselves to the operating room. Reuters: Oddly Enough
Geneva toilets flush with cash GENEVA (Reuters) - Geneva prosecutors are investigating after toilets in a bank and three restaurants were blocked by about $100,000 in high-denomination euro banknotes, they said on Monday. Reuters: Oddly Enough
Staying fit: Japan's elderly hits record in challenge to labor market TOKYO (Reuters) - Swinging dumbbells and chewing gum, several elderly Japanese gathered at a shrine in downtown Tokyo on Monday in sweltering temperatures, belying their age and importance in one of the world's most rapidly aging societies. Reuters: Oddly Enough
Pet deaths in Japan: dignified but dog-gone expensive At Pet Rainbow Fiesta, a pet funeral expo, held in Tokyo on Monday, visitors were given a host of options on performing rites for dead pets, including cremation, constructing a household altar and making offerings of incense. Reuters: Oddly Enough
A woman was reunited with her lost wedding ring after five years. It was in her dog: via @yahoooddnews @YahooOddNews 19 12
A man said that the 911 operator he called debated him instead of quickly sending help for a carjacking victim: @YahooOddNews 6 6

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