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Scythians: the alternative lifestyle of antiquity
Curator St John Simpson explains how the nomadic Scythians may not have lived in cities, but they still had the skill and desire to live the good life.

The BP exhibition
Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia
14 September 2017 – ...
The British Museum
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Revealing Bakhshali manuscript
Illuminating India: starring the oldest recorded origins of ‘zero’, the Bakhshali manuscript, opening 4 October.

The invention of zero, or rather the realisation that it was a number just like any other, was one of the greatest conceptual leaps in ...
Science Museum
Prepare to meet the Scythians…
2,500 years ago, fearsome warriors roamed the plains of Siberia. Feared, loathed, admired – but over time forgotten… Until now.

This major exhibition explores the story of the Scythians – nomadic tribes and masters of mounted warfare, who flourished between ...
The British Museum
Conserving Vulture Peak I Episode 11: The results
In the final episode of the series, Hannah and Monique discuss their thoughts on the effectiveness of the conservation project as a whole. Dr Diego Tamburini also shares some of the findings from the dye analysis.

You can watch the ...
The British Museum
World's first AI test of human intelligence
Adam Hampshire in conversation
So many key questions about intelligence remain unanswered that it seems that the human brain is ill-equipped to fully understand itself. Now Adam Hampshire of the Computational, Cognitive & Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory and his colleagues at ...
Science Museum
Let us introduce you to your digital doppelganger
Simulation visualisations courtesy of Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

Join, Dr Roger Highfield, as he discusses a special event at September Lates on 27 September at the Science Museum that will explore how to build a virtual human.

Tickets are free and ...
Science Museum
Portraits and propaganda of Queen Elizabeth I of England | Curator's Corner Season 2 Episode 8
Dora Thornton, Curator of Renaissance Europe, details how Queen Elizabeth I used her portrait to manipulate her public and private image.
To find out more you can read Dora's blog about Elizabeth I here: https://goo.gl/dndyuJ
The British Museum
Conserving Vulture Peak | Episode 10: Stitching the support fabric
In this episode Hannah describes how they go about stitching the support fabric to the front of the embroidery to keep things in place.

The embroidery dates from China’s Tang dynasty (AD 618–907). It depicts the Buddha preaching at Vulture ...
The British Museum
A tour of the British Museum in black and white
Watch selected highlights filmed in the British Museum’s permanent galleries. This film features scenes from ‘London Symphony’, a silent film that offers a poetic journey through the city.

‘London Symphony’ is screening in selected cinemas from 3 September 2017.

To ...
The British Museum
Conserving Vulture Peak | Episode 9: Turning the Embroidery
In this week's episode, Hannah and colleagues from the rest of the conservation team flip the embroidery so that we can see the right side up again.

The embroidery dates from China’s Tang dynasty (AD 618–907). It depicts the Buddha ...
The British Museum
Developing a breathalyser for disease
Billy Boyle is CEO of Owlstone Medical, and are applying the technology to the greatest health challenges, devising a simple breath test indicating cancer, inflammatory and infectious disease. Science Museum

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