Why a confused body clock may give you jetlag
Your circadian rhythm or 24-hour body clock responds primarily to changing light levels throughout the day. Your body can only adapt to small changes in your sleep-wake cycle so even the occasional late night will essentially give you jet lag ... Science Museum
How fungus-farming ants might help us develop new antibiotics
Scientists from the University of East Anglia are trying to develop new antibiotics for humans from the bacteria leafcutter ants are carrying on their bodies to protect the fungus they farm from other microbes.

Music: Kai Engel
Science Museum
Building virtual humans in the future
One day your doctor will be able to recreate you in a computer so that a virtual version of you can be used to try out treatments, like a crash test dummy, guinea pig and trial volunteer all rolled into ... Science Museum
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What would you do with a third thumb
With this 3D-printed thumb by product designer Dani Clode you can find out if you need another digit.

The thumb attaches to your hand and is controlled by pressure sensors under your big toes. It blurs the lines between prosthetics ...
Science Museum
10 things you might not have known about Rodin Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) is perhaps the most famous sculptor of the modern era. The popularity of The Kiss and the universality of The Thinker alone make him globally renowned. But here are a few facts about this radical sculptor who ... The British Museum Blog
Scythians: scientific analysis of the Oxus treasure
British Museum Scientist Aude Mongiatti shares some of her research on the Oxus treasure, a selection of beautiful gold and silver objects from the 5th and 4th centuries BC.

Some of the objects from the Oxus treasure are on display ...
The British Museum
British Library launches bilingual website showcasing 1,300 @BL_HebrewMSS manuscript treasures:… https://t.co/VLccr5VEz6 @BLpressoffice 116 150
Explore ancient Egypt in our Virtual Reality tour For several months, we have been working in collaboration with Oculus to develop an extraordinary new interactive tour that can be experienced directly within Facebook’s News Feed, using VR headsets and any web or mobile device. This tour is one ... The British Museum Blog
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Living with gods: the 40,000-year-old Lion Man
Curator Jill Cook introduces the 40,000-year-old sculpture of lion man. A figure made of mammoth ivory with the body of a man and the head of a cave lion.

Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond
2 November 2017 ...
The British Museum
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Electrical Engineering Workshop by Terence Cuneo
Join Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group, as he reunites Terence Cuneo’s daughter, Carole Cuneo, with one of the acclaimed artist’s monumental masterpieces, Electrical Engineering Workshop, originally commissioned by the Science Museum Science Museum
Could leafcutter ants tackle the antibiotic apocalypse
Scientists are turning to leafcutter ants in the search for new antibiotics. These ants have been farming fungus in underground gardens for the last 60 million years. They use antibiotics produced by bacteria to protect their fungus from other microbes. ... Science Museum
India and the world Today, staff from the British Museum are in Mumbai for the opening of a new exhibition called India and the world. Colleagues from India and Britain have created a unique exhibition by bringing together objects from collections across India and from ... The British Museum Blog
A royal welcome! Her Majesty The Queen opens China and South Asia Gallery Yesterday the Museum was honoured to receive an official visit from Her Majesty The Queen to re-open the Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia, after a major refurbishment. The Queen originally opened this gallery 25 years ago. ... The British Museum Blog
Bacteria busting things to know
Bacteria live all over our skin and can be spread easily by touch. This isn’t usually a problem, but in somewhere like a hospital where people are vulnerable to infections, this spread should be kept to a minimum. One simple ... Science Museum
Why scientists make paper out of organs
Scientists from Northwestern University have developed paper made out of organ tissue from cows or pigs. The organs are processed and the tissue is decellularised. The material can then be turned into paper-like sheets. In the future, this “origami” paper ... Science Museum

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