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Historical Events for 14th December 2018 1793 - 1st state road authorized, Frankfort, Kentucky to Cincinnati
1849 - 1st chamber music group in US gives their 1st concert (Boston)
1903 - Reg Foster completes 287 England v Australia on Test Cricket debut
1924 - Respighi's symphony ...
How To Champion Democracy How To Champion DemocracyPenelope Corfield
Is it possible for dissidents to bring peaceful change to repressive regimes?
Behind Victorian Bars Behind Victorian BarsJ.M. Moore
Turning chaotic havens of ‘sloth and debauchery’ into systemised institutions of ‘pain and terror’, Victorian ‘model’ prisons were anything but. 
The Best Articles of 2018 The Best Articles of 2018Rhys Griffiths
The staff of History Today pick their favourite articles of the past year.  
Welcoming the Strangers Welcoming the StrangersFrank Meeres
Norwich prospered in the 16th century, thanks to an influx of immigrants, who arrived fleeing persecution.
Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover (Quote) Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover (Quote)Suzannah Lipscomb
How does the reader decide if a history book is worth their time?
Panettone, Italy’s Favourite Christmas Cake Panettone, Italy’s Favourite Christmas CakeAlexander Lee
Rich enough to appeal to lords and dukes, the success of panettone is down to its festive, egalitarian simplicity.
The Life of Thomas Cromwell Author: 
Summary: A master historian’s definitive study of one of the most astonishing and influential careers in English history.
The Life of Thomas Cromwell
Who's In A Family? Who's In A Family?Kate Gibson
Changing views of illegitimate children raise both moral and economic issues.
Adam and Eve Adam and EveHistory Today
The fall of man and the concept of Original Sin.
Away with the Faeries Away with the FaeriesAbigail Sparkes
Folklore, fairies and demonic spirits in the sceptical 17th century.
Manifest Destiny Manifest DestinyJustin & Stephanie Pollard
James K. Polk’s first State of the Union Address, on 2 December 1845, promoted the concept that the US should encompass all of North America.
The Best History Books 2018 The Best History Books 2018History Today
From the Thirty Years War to the ancient civilisation of Iran, from Anglo-American rivalries in the desert to the persecution of indigenous peoples, historians select their favourite books of the past year.
Justice, at What Cost? Justice, at What Cost?Elizabeth Barnes
As today, accusations of rape in 19th-century America inevitably, and repeatedly, met with harsh backlashes against the victims.
The Rise of Japan The Rise of JapanPaul Lay
When it comes to rapid world-changing events, the Meiji Restoration has few equals.
The Last Emperor The Last EmperorMiles Taylor
The voice of the British monarch carried considerable weight in imperial India. Its slow silencing mirrored the retreat of Britain from the subcontinent. 
What’s Wrong with Liberalism? What’s Wrong with Liberalism?David Wootton
‘The greatest good for the greatest number’ flounders when society cannot agree on what is ‘good’ – or ‘bad’.
Christmas Before Dickens Christmas Before DickensDavid Chandler
Charles Dickens’ name conjures up the quintessential English Christmas, but it is to another Charles D that we must look if we want to know what festivities were like before the Victorian makeover. 
Lisbon After The Earthquake Author: 
Summary: A readable history of the Portuguese capital emphasises the modern at the expense of the city’s deeper past. 
Lisbon After The Earthquake
Kazakhstan’s Bloody December Kazakhstan’s Bloody DecemberJoanna Lillis
Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika triggered an outpouring of resentment across the USSR. In 1986, young Kazakhs made their voices heard, but the Soviet regime was not ready to listen.
Sisters In Arms Sisters In ArmsSumita Mukherje
Britain was neither the first country, nor the last, to give women the vote. It was one part of a global movement.

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