Historical Events for 24th June 2018 1619 - Tsar Michail's father Filaret becomes patriarch of Moscow
1861 - Tennessee becomes 11th (and last) state to secede from Union
1914 - King Peter I of Serbia names son Alexander the Prince-regent
1946 - 11.72" (29.77 cm) of ...
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What killed the dinosaurs? Proposed causes have included disease, climate change, and the rise of egg-eating mammal… https://t.co/EHCFph5AoZ @Britannica 5 3
#PhotoOfTheDay: Moraine Lake at dawn, Banff National Park, southwestern Alberta. The oldest national park in Canada… https://t.co/ieDWS0yyno @Britannica 4 18
Fossil fuels are formed from prehistoric organisms. But they don't involve dinosaur bones. #JurassicWeek https://t.co/LElp1T72lC @Britannica 4 8
Computer-science pioneer Alan Turing, who helped break Nazi codes during World War II, was born #OnThisDay in 1912.… https://t.co/p5YcVrHB9X @Britannica 11 19
One of the leading fossil hunters of the 19th century was an Englishwoman named Mary Anning. Among her influential… https://t.co/pEDj7BxY3E @Britannica 9 16
1974 - 1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space #History #TodayInHistory #OnThisDay https://t.co/ujtaFpWYko @OnThisDaycom 0 0
Though it was more of a skirmish than a battle, the British victory at Plassey in Bengal had significant consequenc… https://t.co/zgLqiBWuqE @HistoryToday 11 18
How the border between the United States and Mexico was established: https://t.co/QxtVSgfseG https://t.co/ckw9RRveHb @Britannica 10 12
Aviation Pioneer and Author Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906-2001) was born #AnneMorrowLindbergh #Author #BornToday https://t.co/0LYa5VCTg8 @OnThisDaycom 0 1
Thank you to @DavidOlusoga,
@AnnaWhitelock and @hrcastor for an enjoyable and informative discussion last night. T… https://t.co/bfkxQjDV8O
@HistoryToday 2 14
Germany invaded the Soviet Union on this day in 1941. https://t.co/roSSkJdkYL @HistoryToday 29 59
1675 - Royal Greenwich Observatory established in England by Charles II #History #TodayInHistory #OnThisDay https://t.co/GtWF5OucpO @OnThisDaycom 0 1
"This is your family."

Watch @SIXonHISTORY starring @BarrySloane from the very beginning, starting Sunday at 10pm.… https://t.co/BMGtXDDa6C
1854 - First Victoria Cross won during bombardment of Bomarsund in the Aland Islands (Crimean War) #History… https://t.co/LcSRG1RU2L @OnThisDaycom 0 0
Pakistani Politican Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007) was born #BenazirBhutto #BornToday https://t.co/MGNrx4n1r4 @OnThisDaycom 0 1

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