Unboxing St Peter's Field Dr George Hay introduces MPI 1/134/19 - an engraving of the events at St Peter's Field, Manchester in 1819.
The National Archives documents shown:
MPI 1/134/19
Celtic Impulse - Celtic by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under ...
Annual Digital Lecture: Algorithms of Oppression Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism
The landscape of information is rapidly shifting as new imperatives and demands push to the fore increasing investment in digital technologies. Yet, critical information scholars continue to demonstrate how digital technology and ...
Season Trailer: Britain's Cold War Revealed Launching on the 4 April with the opening of our brand new exhibition, our Cold War season explores the impact of the Cold War on Britain, in the corridors of power, in hidden government bunkers, and on daily life in ...
Holding History Holding History is a stop-motion animation film made by young filmmakers during the summer of 2018. The group worked with professional filmmaker Nigel Kellaway to create the film.
Featuring 15 key stories from history, the film can be viewed as ...
Loyalty and Dissent: South Asia and the First World War Find out about the resistance and upheaval in South Asia that existed alongside the loyalty and service of colonial troops in the First World War.
AIDS - Holding History Holding History: an animated film created by young people.
Watch the whole film here:
From the Domesday Book to the dark archive, the Tudors to the Titanic, and Victorian prisons to propaganda, ‘Holding History’ explores many moments in history.
Costa Rica travel advice Latest travel advice for Costa Rica including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health
Controls of fish and shellfish diseases in England and Wales Reduce the risk of disease, find out where notifiable diseases have been confirmed in England and Wales.
HGV applications and decisions for the West Midlands Applications for HGV operator licences to, and decisions made by, the Traffic Commissioner for the West Midlands.

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