Guidance: Financial sanctions, Chemical Weapons Financial sanctions are in place for persons, entities or bodies involved in proliferation and use of chemical weapons.To date, no targets have been designated.
Guidance: Iraq: country policy and information notes Guidance used by UK Visas and Immigration to make decisions in asylum and human rights applications.
Guidance: Workplace Charging Scheme authorised installers List of authorised installers for the Workplace Charging Scheme.
Guidance: Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme authorised installers List of authorised installers for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.
Guidance: Universal Credit and landlords These guides explain what Universal Credit means for landlords.
Guidance: Submitting data to Ofqual Guidance on formats and timings for submitting data to Ofqual.
Guidance: Designated recognised stock exchanges: section 1005 Income Tax Act 2007 Find out if a stock exchange is a recognised stock exchange for the purposes of section 1005 Income Tax Act 2007.
Guidance: Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery) register of cases A list of upcoming tax tribunal appeal hearings, including details of previous cases.
Guidance: Information rights appeals: register of tribunal cases A list of information rights appeals currently being dealt with by the General Regulatory Chamber, including freedom of information cases.
Guidance: Contractor Flying Approved Organization Scheme (CFAOS) Information about the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) contractor Flying Approved Organization Scheme (CFAOS).
Guidance: Carrying out driving instructor tests and checks: examiner guidance The guidance that driving examiners follow when carrying out driving instructor tests and standards checks in Great Britain.
Guidance: ESFA funding claims and reconciliation Information for education and skills training providers on submitting a funding claim to the ESFA for 2017 to 2018.
Guidance: Who is subject to financial sanctions in the UK? A guide to the current consolidated list of asset freeze targets, and a list of persons subject to restrictive measures in view of Russia's actions destabilising the situation in the Ukraine.
Guidance: Financial sanctions, ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida organisations Certain persons and entities associated with the ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida organisations are subject to financial sanctions.
Guidance: Applying for a passport How to fill in your passport application form and provide a correct photo.
Statutory guidance: Credit unions - statutory return (CU-01) Use this template to send details of members dividends if you receive a statutory notice from HMRC.
Guidance: Support for British nationals abroad: A guide This guide highlights some of the main ways you can help yourself stay safe abroad and what help the FCO can provide.
Guidance: Searches of the index of proprietors’ names (PG74) Find out who can search against the name of an owner of land or registered mortgages and how to do it (practice guide 74).
Guidance: Notices, restrictions and protection of third-party interests (PG19) How to apply for a notice or restriction to protect a third-party interest in an estate (practice guide 19).

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