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@SarahOsbornexo @UlsterUni @UCAS_advisers If you would like them to continue to consider you then you could ask the… @ucas_online 0 0
@SarahOsbornexo @UlsterUni @UCAS_advisers Hi,
the uni's are putting their decisions through as quickly as possible…
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@SarahOsbornexo @UlsterUni @UCAS_advisers Hi Sarah. Have you met the conditions of your offer. *CS @ucas_online 0 0
UK weather and what to wear
With the UK experiencing one of the best summers in years, check out our guide on what to expect from Britain's changeable climate, and how to prepare accordingly (just in case it rains) 🌞☁️🌩️ Study UK - British Council
British Council launches new online course for international students | British Council
Get ready for our new online course to help international students prepare to study in the UK, coming next month.
This massive open online course (MOOC) - the first of its kind - will help international students prepare to study ...
Study UK - British Council
Happy National #TellAJokeDay! Did You Know that many U.S. universities have comedy programs? Here is a list of 10 colleges for aspiring comedians. #EducationUSA
EducationUSA is feeling excited.
Comments EducationUSA Some U.S. schools such as Iowa State University have stand ... I steal keep going on my way to usa 😍 EducationUSA
Navigating the U.S. Admissions Process
Are you an international student who is interested in going to a U.S. college or university? Join EducationUSA for an interactive Facebook Live on “Navigating the U.S. Admissions Process.” Higher education experts, international students, and U.S. Department of State will ... Comments EducationUSA If you're having issues with the sound, please refresh your ...EducationUSA We will be starting in less than 30 minutes. We ...EducationUSA Dania Arayssi yes this is in Eastern time zone (U.S.) EducationUSA
Alumni Awards | British Council
If studying in the UK has made a big impact on your life, get ready to apply from 4 September for the next Alumni Awards: it's a globally-recognised accolade that can take your career to the next level. Find out ... Comments Dear sir/madam,

I am from India and I am really ...
Study UK - British Council
Did you know that some 38% of Nobel Laureates studied in the UK? Find out more about the benefits of a UK education 🙌 Study UK - British Council
EducationUSA | Interactive Student Visa Chat (May 2018)
Are you an international student interested in studying in the United States? Do you need help with applying for a student visa and have questions on the process?

Watch this recording of our May 2018 EducationUSA Facebook Live event on ...
📚🎓🇺🇲 (#EducationUSA) can get you started on your dream of studying in the USA:

💻 1. Research Your Options
💵 2. Finance Your Studies
📝 3. Complete Your Application
👩‍💻 4. Apply For A Visa
🛫 5. Prepare For Your Departure

👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 = YOU!

Comments Do you have information regarding scholarship for intensive English course ... What can i do to have a scholarship that can ... Hi... I will like to study in the USA, please ... EducationUSA
Are you going to study at a U.S. university in Fall 2018? Join us for this webinar on the different avenues of funding. Learn about setting budgets, need- and merit-based scholarships, assistantships and fellowships and much more. This session will ... Comments 💔🇮🇶


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ارغب فى الحصول علي فرصة لدراسة الماجستير في العلوم السياسية ... I want to practice speaking English everyday, so I'd like ...
GO Wales Rachael’s story
Watch this video to learn about the experiences of one of our students on the GO-Wales programme. The OU on YouTube
GO Wales Stori Rachael
Gwyliwch y fideo hwn i ddysgu am brofiadau un o’n myfyrwyr ar y rhaglen GO-Wales The OU on YouTube
EducationUSA | Student Athlete Recruitment (March 2018)
Are you a student athlete interested in studying in the U.S? Many international students play for college sports teams in the US while completing their studies. This EducationUSA Interactive -- originally broadcast as a Facebook Live -- will teach you ... EducationUSA
EducationUSA | Harsh Gosar "That Indian Guy"
EducationUSA was a key part of me coming to the U.S." -- Harsh Gosar, student at The University of Texas at Dallas #UTDallas #whoosh

Get started on YOUR journey to studying in the U.S.! Find an EducationUSA advising center today:
When it comes to studying in the USA, there is a great diversity of choices! If you are considering ...
Is there an average age among U.S. graduate students?When it comes to studying in the USA, there is a great diversity of choices! Find out more from Lindsay Mathers Addington, Assistant Director of Internationa... +1s 5 0 3 EducationUSA

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