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Design and Technology / Railway transport

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Amtrak Beeching Axe CF7
California Southern Railroad Canadian Pacific Railway Chicago and North Western Railway
Control car (rail) Coupling (railway) Danske Statsbaner
EMD F7 FM Consolidated line Ffestiniog Railway
First Transcontinental Railroad Forth Railway Bridge Gas turbine-electric locomotive
General Pershing Zephyr Grand Central Station (Chicago) Indian Railways
Jordanhill railway station Liverpool and Manchester Railway London Underground
Lynton and Barnstaple Railway M-10001 Maglev (transport)
Montreal Metro Northern Pacific Railway RER
Rail transport Rail transport in India Railway post office
Rainhill Trials Refrigerator car San Diego and Arizona Railway
Scott Special Snaefell Mountain Railway Stock car (rail)
Stourbridge Lion TGV Tay Rail Bridge
The Canadian Train Trans-Siberian Railway
Troop sleeper Virginian Railway Winston Tunnel