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ReferenceToday.com strives to delivers credible useful information, useful reference and easy world-class search to the world’s largest library via: (1) updated quality content and information in one place (2) fast access and easy navigation and (3) customer satisfaction.

How do we do it?

We start with over 100 trusted titles from the most renowned reference publishers, and we add original articles researched by ReferenceToday’s in-house editorial team, community-contributed articles, and navigation simplicity to give you the most comprehensive page available on a subject.

ReferenceToday.com’s Policies

(1) Keeping your information strictly confidential
(2) Useful Web Surfing Guidelines
(3) Terms of Service Appropriate conduct on ReferenceToday.com.

How does ReferenceToday.com support itself?

ReferenceToday.com provides a free service, but it is not costless. ReferenceToday.com’s publishing expenses include: web hosting services, hardware, software, programming and bandwidth. ReferenceToday.com pays for the bandwidth charge to take a site reader to their selected link when they click on one of ReferenceToday.com’s thousands of links.

ReferenceToday.com supports itself through:

(1) donations from ReferenceToday.com satisfied clients, and
(2) clearly identified sponsored listings and text links.

We also keep our expenses low by partnering with the best and most trusted providers in the business instead of doing everything ourselves.

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