16,000 tonnes of steel gone in 16 seconds - BBC News It took just 16 seconds to bring down 16,000 tonnes of steel, as the defunct Bethlehem Steel company's former headquarters was demolished on Sunday.
The 21-storey structure in Pennsylvania was opened in 1972, but had been vacant for the past ...
How Japan is keeping people with dementia safe - BBC News Each year in Japan thousands of elderly people with dementia go missing, hundreds are never found alive again.
New technology is being used to help them stay safe and a nationwide awareness programme is also helping older people integrate more ...
Podcast: Fake news and false confessions in Sudan protests | BBC Trending An investigation into claims that innocent men were framed on social media to try discredit peaceful protests that helped topple Sudan’s former president Omar al-Bashir.
After mass street protests, the military stepped in to end President Bashir’s 30-year rule earlier ...
What's at stake in the EU elections - BBC News Europe is preparing for a key test of democracy with elections to the European parliament later this week.
But despite this being one big election for one parliament, turnout, concerns and interest for the EU can be very different from ...
10 Things You Didn't Know About Bugatti Here are 10 little known facts about the most luxurious super-car manufacturer, Bugatti.
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Bugatti
Dubai - The Most Luxurious City In The World Join me, as I explore the luxury city of Dubai!
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Dubai - The Most Luxurious City In The World
The City Of Gold
Podcast: Jered Threatin: The fake rock star | BBC Trending A fake rock star fooled the internet. But how did he do it – and why?
How did an ambitious musician fool thousands of people using social media?
Jered Threatin successfully managed to fake an entire existence as a rock ...
CES Success Story: DJI Returning for its sixth CES, DJI released its new controller for its civilian drone Mavic 2 systems at CES 2019, earning coverage on major media outlets for its latest products.
Podcast: TikTok’s problem with online predators | BBC Trending A Trending investigation found hundreds of sexually explicit comments posted on videos uploaded by teenagers and children.
The video-sharing app TikTok has taken the teenage world by storm. But where there are kids, there are also predators.
We found dozens ...

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